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Unmarried Cohabitants/Issues for Gay and Lesbian Couples

LGBT Family Law Attorneys in the Philadelphia Area

While Pennsylvania unfortunately has not yet legalized marriage for gay and lesbian couples, there are certain areas of the law which do provide for legal protection for you.

If gay and lesbian couples enter into a written contract detailing what might happen with their assets and/or liabilities in the event they wish to separate, that contract may be enforced through the Trial Division of the Trial Court, if a party wished to enforce this agreement. Such a contract should be prepared by a seasoned family lawyer. We have substantial experience in the preparation of contracts of this type. This is important protection for people who have been in a long-term relationship. Without this legally enforceable agreement, there is little protection of assets for gay and lesbian couples.

Also, if a gay or lesbian couple has legally adopted a child or children, both child custody and child support rights can be addressed through family court. Again, the utilization of a quality family law attorney is paramount and having a lawyer who has experience with these sensitive issues is critical. We have significant experience in dealing issues which are unique to gay and lesbian couples.

There is also protection provided by the Protection from Abuse Act, in Pennsylvania, should your partner or cohabitant threaten your safety or if you are physically abused by your partner or cohabitant. There is also protection if you are being stalked or if you are falsely imprisoned (your partner prohibits you from leaving a room of the house or the house itself or uses this imprisonment as a tool to convince you to agree regarding a certain issue).

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If you are concerned for your safety or if you have been threatened or physically struck, or if you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us for a consultation. We are pleased to help you. Call 215-967-9070.

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