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We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts ♥️. We are so happy that we found an amazing lawyer like you. Now we all are so happy and at peace at home.🏡 thank you again.

– Jessica

I came across this law firm from a Google search where you can pay/bundle payment based on your legal situation. At the time, with the Holidays just being over, this law firm was what I needed. Lee Schwartz was my lawyer. After our initial meeting, I felt less stress, confident, and satisfied that Mr. Schwart would do everything he could to rectify my case where an agreement or am arrangement could be made for each party inviolved. He was very responsive to my calls and emails. His partner Ms. Jordan, though I has little interaction with her, was responsive and good as well. The office staff was professional as well. Though I did not have to go to court because it was settled, I would certainly use and recommend this law firm again. Thank you Mr. Schwartz.


Lee is a trusted, smart, and thoughtful legal counselor. I am incredibly grateful for his advice and guidance. – Joshua

Mr. Schwartz is a person who is committed to a fair process and to the best possible outcome for his clients. There is absolutely no substitute for experience, and he has it. I had an effortless mediation experience with him and was more than pleased with my results. He has a unique way – combining calm, sensitivity and smarts. I highly recommend Mr. Schwartz and have done so, to several friends. – Hope

My experience with Lee is one where we were net working partners and he always presented himself as a very professional and knowledgeable Attorney. He clearly has significant experience as a Family Law Attorney and he has demonstrated himself to be an effective and compassionate advisor to folks who are experiencing Domestic difficulties, I highly recommend his services. – Pasquale

It was a pleasure to work with Lee Schwartz. He is personable, patient, and supportive. He was responsive to the needs of my growing family in helping us prepare our will and ensure all of our needs are met. – Ted

Lee A. Schwartz is terrific lawyer. Personal, caring yet also focused on the issue at hand, dealing with matters both large and small in the most professional manner. With his intelligence and legal knowledge, he is a rare lawyer whom one wants to have on their side, reacting to the most difficult issue with the focus necessary for legal protection. Should anyone have a legal concern or need for advice, I would highly recommend Lee A. Schwartz. – Mila

I am very grateful to have Lee as my lawyer. He has more than 30 years of professional experience and knowledge that he uses to help me step by step as I go through the most difficulty time of my life. He is not only a professional expert but also a trustworthy and thoughtful person. I strongly recommend him. – Linda

Lee has handled several legal matters for me over the past three decades. He is always well prepared, thoughtful, and well informed about the applicable law. His advice is impeccably precise and strategic. Above all, his ethics are among the highest of anyone I’ve met – attorney or otherwise – and he is a profoundly good, active listener who does not come to a discussion with preconceived notions of where the conversation ought to go. I’ve met few other attorneys in my professional or personal lives who so capably can transform a problem into a solution. I plan to turn to him in the future when confronted with legal problems, and I heartily recommend him to others as well. He’s really that good! – Paul

I worked with Lee as a paralegal for several years and would recommend him and his services to anyone in need of them. He is thoughtful, caring, and very straight forward. When you are in need of a family law attorney, it is typically a time of great stress. Lee works hard to remove that stress factor and provide representation that will always be in your best interest, providing sound, reliable advice and service. – Chuck.

Lee Schwartz is a rare lawyer, and person – a man of deep integrity and great subtlety. The judges in Philadelphia’s Family Court know this and it benefits his clients. With calming finesse, Lee can talk clients through the hardest parts of the dissolution of a marriage, and make sure they come out in the best possible shape on the other end. In fact, I like Lee so much as a person that I would want to know him even if he hadn’t been my lawyer. – Helen

I’ve worked with Lee on several legal matters over the course of three years. I quickly learned Lee to be honest, smart, well-connected. The most admirable quality is Lee’s somewhat unique ability to continually and reliably do what he says he and his firm will do. He is my go-to source for sticky family law referrals. – MIckey
“As someone who’s facilitated hundreds of meetings, I wanted to pass along my thanks for the efficient and effective organization of our first meeting yesterday.  The agenda, ground rules and time management were excellent.  In the context of this extremely difficult process, I am grateful for this expertise and I am hopeful we will be able to continue working together effectively and efficiently in this manner going forward”.

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