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Philadelphia Paternity Lawyers

Paternity questions typically arise in connection with child custody or child support matters. If you are seeking child support for your newborn, small child or older child and the matter of who is the legal father has not been settled, you should consult with a Family law attorney. At the SchwartzJordan Law Group LLC you can find answers to critical questions such as:

  • What if you signed an acknowledgement of paternity in a hospital or other setting and now have some reason to question whether you are, in fact, the father?
  • What if you are considered the legal father of a child because you were married when the child was conceived, but you know that you could not have fathered the child with your estranged spouse? Through evidence such as proof that you were unavailable at the time of conception or proof of impotence, you may prevent being held responsible for child support for a child who is not biologically yours.
  • What if you have been asked to submit to a paternity DNA test and you do not believe there is sufficient cause to compel you to do this?

Your child’s best interests and your parental rights are at stake when paternity is in question. Immediate concerns about child support and child custody may be overshadowed over time by longer-lasting issues such as access to health information for the child, access to extended family, inheritance rights and basic identity matters.

Philadelphia Parental Rights Attorneys

We have helped countless Pennsylvanians resolve challenging Family law matters such as questions of paternity.

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