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Philadelphia Business Valuation Attorneys

In a high net worth divorce, complex financial issues such as business valuations can delay the process and lead to costly litigation. A marital estate that includes business ownership by either or both spouses requires careful handling of the business valuation process. An experienced Family law attorney who represents clients with assets, such as businesses, needs to appreciate the importance of valuing a business properly.

At the SchwartzJordan Law Group LLC, clients express confidence and a sense of reassurance as they observe how we approach business valuations. We work closely with expert business appraisers who know how to:

  • Determine a fair value of business interests
  • Calculate market value of businesses
  • Quantify profits, gains and losses
  • Project likely future earnings of a business
  • Conduct investigative accounting processes
  • Provide testimony as to available income and liabilities
  • Determine the value of individual shares of a business
  • Account for valuation of intangible assets, such as goodwill and other assets

If we represent you, we are committed to working with you to accomplish a fair business valuation while also advocating for your best interests in your Pennsylvania divorce.

Norristown Asset Distribution Attorneys

An attorney’s experience and knowledge are the foundation of a fair and equitable property division when there are complex assets such as businesses to value in a divorce.

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